• Rock maple body has all-brass fittings
    • Center post grips cutter for work next to head or inches away from it
    • Integral fence is slotted so that a cutter can be partly recessed if necessary
    • Designed for cutting on either push or pull stroke; can be used with grain on any wood and across grain on woods like cherry or maple
    • Hardened spring steel cutters are 5/8" wide
    • Item A includes Veritas Beader, a 3/32" radius single-point cutter and five blank cutters
    • Both ends of cutter can be used
    • Standard shapes also available
    • Made in Canada
    • Patented
Illustrations of the different blade profiles for the wooden beading tool
Product # Description
05P04.01 Veritas® Beader & 6 Cutters
A.05P04.03 Veritas® Beading Cutters, Set of 3
B.05P04.04 Veritas® Fluting Cutters, Set of 3
C.05P04.05 Veritas® Reeding Cutters, Set of 2
05P04.10 Veritas® Master Set of 8 Cutters (B, C & D)
D. 05P04.02 Replacement Single-Point Cutter
E. 05P04.06 Replacement Blank Cutter