• To bend steamed wood successfully, you need a strap clamp; the strap keeps the wood on the outside of a bend from stretching and failing
  • Steamed wood can be compressed a remarkable amount, but it will stretch less than 1/2 of 1% without failing
  • For simple bends (i.e., one or more bends in the same plane and in the same direction) you need a shop-made form and fixed end stop, plus a strap clamp (adjustable end stop and strap)
  • Strap clamps are available for material up to either 1 1/4" square or 2" square
  • Each strap clamp comes with 10' of steel strap, an adjustable end stop, a ratchet wrench, a socket and an instruction booklet
  • Only the bolts for the fixed end stop are provided and you always make your own forms
  • 20' straps, as well as extra lengths of 10' straps, are available
  • Made in Canada