• Used much like a marking gauge, this inlay tool lets you accurately cut narrow grooves in a workpiece as well as neatly slice fine strings from a sheet of veneer
  • The interchangeable blade system lets you quickly swap blades to suit the activity
  • The hook-shaped groove blade is used in a sweeping push-pull motion; it has outlining spurs on one edge to score the groove edges when pushed, and a cutting edge to remove material when pulled, reslting in a very clean, defined groove with no tear-out
  • To slice strings of consistent width, the bevel-edged, spear-point blade is used for cutting in either direction; the blades can be offset up to 3 1/4" from the brass fence (or up to 9 1/4" with the optional 10" guide rods)
  • Posts projecting from the fence let you pivot the blade into the work when starting a cut, and also serve as limiters to control cut depth (you can remove the posts to attach a custom radiused wooden sub-fence when working with a curved-edge workpiece)
  • By replacing the cutter head with the optional pencil holder, you can draw a design on your work exactly as it will be cut; in addition to providing a line to follow with the cutter, it serves as a dry run to preview how the design will look on your workpiece
  • The optional compass center, used in lieu of the fence, lets the cutter head or pencil holder make circles and arcs with radii from 3/4" to 3 3/4" (up to 9 3/4" with the 10" rods)
  • While not strictly required, using a pin awl (available separately) to define the center mark for the compass head makes it easy to position the compass on the workpiece
  • The basic inlay tool system includes the cutter head, a brass-faced fence and two blades: a 0.032" groove blade and a slicing blade
  • The compass center and pencil holder are available separately or in combination with the basic system
  • Blades are spring steel (hardened to Rc45-50) and double ended; when one edge dulls they can be flipped to expose a second sharp blade
  • An excellent tool system for layout, cutting and fitting of string inlay
  • Made in Canada
Product # Description
05K11.01 Veritas® Inlay Tool System
05K11.02 Veritas® Compass Center Only
05K11.03 Veritas® Pencil Holder Only
05K11.20 Veritas® Inlay Tool with Compass Center
05K11.22 Veritas® Inlay Tool with Compass Center & Pencil Holder
05K11.04 Pair of 10" Rods
05K11.11 0.025" Groove Blade
05K11.12 0.032" Replacement Groove Blade
05K11.13 0.040" Groove Blade
05K11.10 Replacement Slicing Blade
05K12.01 Pin Awl