• Made largely of stainless steel, providing toughness and rust resistance
  • Two marking options are provided: a steel point for scribing wood or soft metals and a pencil holder
  • The beams have threaded ends that let you link them together for longer reach.
  • The base section of the beam compass deals with circles from 3" to 24" in diameter
  • The included two 12" sections take it up to 72" in diameter
  • Additional sections are available in pairs to let you create arcs of greater radii.
  • A micro-adjust lets you fine-tune the radius by up to 1/4"
  • Pencil tip and leads available separately
  • Made in Canada
  • Product #Description
    05N30.05Veritas® Beam Compass
    05N29.06Veritas® Beam Compass 12" Extension Rods (2)
    05N50.06Veritas® Beam Compass Pencil Tip