• 7-1/4" overall
  • Hardened steel wheel cutters
  • Aluminum housing with brass face and stainless-steel rods
  • Internal O-ring keeps light but constant friction on each rod
  • Wheels can be oriented with opposing bevels
  • Set projections up to 5-3/4", thumbscrew locks settings
  • One rod has cutting edge at extreme end of rod for transferring dimensions
  • Cutters retract into brass face for storage or for using one cutter at a time
  • Eccentric placement of rods ensures large reference face, helps gauge resist rolling on surface
  • Optional shaft clamp is designed to fit onto gauge's guide rods; lets you lock relative position of cutters while still being able to freely adjust fence for offset
  • Machined to precise tolerances to prevent binding on rods, the 1/2" long collar is made from extruded aluminum with a turned brass thumbscrew that tightens onto marking gauge's steel guide rods without marring their surfaces
  • Both tools are made in Canada
  • Product #Description
    05N70.01Veritas® Dual Marking Gauge
    05N70.05Optional Veritas® Shaft Clamp
    05N70.02Repl. Outside Cutter
    05N70.03Repl. Inside Cutter