• This honing guide allows those who use our miniature chisels and planes to keep the blades properly sharpened
  • A 1:3-scale version of the Veritas sharpening system, it consists of a honing guide and an angle jig
  • The honing guide has a die-cast aluminum body that rides on a brass roller and accepts blades up to 3/4" wide; the stainless-steel clamping knob holds the blade against a pad in the guide
  • The angle-setting jig has a 2 1/2" long base and a five-sided wheel that you can turn to a selected facet; you can use it to set your blade angle to 15°, 20°, 25°, 30° or 35°
  • With the blade loosely held in the honing guide, simply roll the guide up to the wheel and clamp the blade
  • You can return to exactly the same angle each time you want to hone a blade, ensuring accuracy and reducing sharpening time
  • The system is also a sharpening option for other small blades, such as those used with our flat detail palm plane and other small planes
  • Comes in a French-fitted leatherette presentation box
  • Made in Canada