• Use as bullnose plane or remove toe piece by loosening brass locking knob for chisel configuration
    • 4-3/4" long by 1" wide stress-relieved ductile cast iron body; accurately machined and ground so that sole and sides are flat and square
    • Adjustable set screw in toe acts as stop to accurately set mouth opening; also allows perfect repositioning of toe when switching between configurations
    • Adjustable toe allows mouth to be narrowed for very fine shavings with minimum tear-out
    • Low 15° bed angle combined with 25° blade bevel results in 40° cutting angle
    • Side set screws allow accurate positioning of blade as well as reinstallation without lateral adjustment
    • Blade is 1/8" thick, made of either A2 or O1 tool steel and lapped on non-bevel side to flatness tolerance of 0.0002" or better over working surface; average roughness surface finish of 5 microinches (0.000005") or better
    • Weighs just over 1-1/4 lb
    • Patented
Veritas Bullnose Plane, Includes O1 or PM-V11 blade
Product # Description
05P42.01 Veritas® Bullnose Plane, A2 Steel Blade
05P42.51 Veritas® Bullnose Plane, O1 Steel Blade
05P42.71 Veritas® Bullnose Plane, PMV-11® Steel Blade
05P42.02 Replacement A2 Blade
05P42.52 Replacement O1 Blade
05P42.72 Replacement PMV-11® Blade