• A small joinery plane, perfect for cutting grooves up to 3/8" wide × 3/8" deep, such as used for drawer and box bottoms, as well as for cutting small rabbets and decorative beads
  • Just shy of 5 1/2″ long, the ductile cast iron body is accurately machined with a 45° blade bed
  • Body has been sculpted to fit the hand for comfort and the plane can be used with one hand, if necessary
  • 5″ long fence registers solidly to the workpiece and is through-drilled to accommodate the addition of a wooden fence extension
  • Double guide rods prevent the fence from racking
  • Depth stop controls the depth of the groove or rabbet (maximum 3/8" deep); it is secured directly by a brass knob, and has relieved edges to avoid marking your work
  • Supplied with 1/4" wide, 35° lapped A2 tool steel blade, but the plane can be used with any Veritas plow plane blade up to 3/8" (10 mm) wide
  • The 1/8" hex key (included) makes it easy to loosen the fence lock screws to offset the fence from flush to 2 1/2" (when using the 1/4" included blade)
  • Also available in a right-hand version
  • Made in Canada