• 9" long ductile cast iron body machined with 45° blade bed
  • 6-5/8" long fence registers solidly to workpiece; through drilled for adding wooden fence extension
  • Double guide rods and collet locking system prevent racking
  • Large brass knobs allow fence adjustment from flush to blade to 1-1/2" offset
  • Adjustable shoe controls depth of cut (max. 1/2" deep); has relieved edges to avoid marking work
  • Comes with 1/4" wide lapped A2 steel blade; additional blades available
  • Weighs 1-3/4 lb
  • Made in Canada
  • Patented
  • Product #Description
    05P58.01Right-Hand Plow Plane (includes 1/4" Standard Blade)
    05P58.20Right-Hand Plane with all 5 Imperial Standard Blades
    05P58.40Left-Hand Plow Plane (includes 1/4" Standard Blade)
    05P58.50Left-Hand Plane with all 5 Imperial Standard Blades
    05P51.021/8" RH Blade
    05P52.021/8" LH Blade
    05P51.033/16" RH Blade
    05P52.033/16" LH Blade
    05P51.04Standard 1/4" Repl. RH Blade
    05P52.04Standard 1/4" Repl. LH Blade
    05P51.055/16" RH Blade
    05P52.055/16" LH Blade
    05P51.063/8" RH Blade
    05P52.063/8" LH Blade
    05P51.10Set of 4 RH Blades only (1/8", 3/16", 5/16", 3/8")
    05P52.10Set of 4 LH Blades only (1/8", 3/16", 5/16", 3/8")
    05P51.344mm RH Blade
    05P52.344mm LH Blade
    05P51.355mm RH Blade
    05P52.355mm LH Blade
    05P51.366mm RH Blade
    05P52.366mm LH Blade
    05P51.377mm RH Blade
    05P52.377mm LH Blade
    05P51.388mm RH Blade
    05P52.388mm LH Blade
    05P51.4010mm RH Blade
    05P52.4010mm LH Blade
    05P52.721/8" Beading Blade, Right-Hand
    05P52.733/16" Beading Blade, Right-Hand
    05P52.741/4" Beading Blade, Right-Hand
    05P52.761/8" Beading Blade, Left-Hand
    05P52.773/16" Beading Blade, Left-Hand
    05P52.781/4" Beading Blade, Left-Hand
    05P51.60Wide-Blade Conversion Kit, Right-Hand
    05P52.60Wide-Blade Conversion Kit, Left-Hand
    05P51.777/16" Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.781/2" Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.799/16" Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.805/8" Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.8111/16" Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.823/4" Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.4212mm Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.4616mm Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.4818mm Wide Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.621/8" Tongue-Cutting Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.633/16" Tongue-Cutting Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.641/4" Tongue-Cutting Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.654mm Tongue-Cutting Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.665mm Tongue-Cutting Blade (require Conversion Kit)
    05P51.676mm Tongue-Cutting Blade (require Conversion Kit)