• Stanley #71 reborn with radical improvements
    • Stress-relieved ductile cast iron body is accurately machined and ground flat
    • Blade depth regulated by fine screw feed that travels at 1/32" per turn
    • Positive locking depth stop controls depth of cut
    • Spring-loaded blade-clamping collar holds blade in position when collar is loosened; provides tactile feedback for controlled blade adjustment to a depth of 1"
    • Blade repositions for bullnose applications or lateral work on hinge gains
    • Includes two high-carbon steel cutters: 1/2" straight and 1/2" spear-point
    • Optional narrow blades are available in four metric sizes and four Imperial sizes
    • Optional fence can be positioned on either side of plane; will work on both straight and curved pieces
    • Optional hardware kit is available to make customized handles
    • Weighs 2 lb
    • Made in Canada (except for blades)
    • Patented
Veritas Large Router Plane, includes two high-carbon steel cutters
Product # Description
05P38.01 Veritas® Router Plane
05P38.07 Optional Fence
05P38.10 Handle Hardware Kit
05P38.04 Repl. Blade, 1/2" Straight
05P38.05 Repl. Blade, 1/2" Pointed
05P38.08 Repl. Sharpening Jig for 1/2" Blades
05P38.24 3mm Narrow Straight Blade
05P38.34 4mm Narrow Straight Blade
05P38.35 5mm Narrow Straight Blade
05P38.36 6mm Narrow Straight Blade
05P38.23 3/32" Narrow Straight Blade
05P38.24 1/8" Narrow Straight Blade
05P38.26 3/16" Narrow Straight Blade
05P38.03 1/4" Narrow Straight Blade