• After receiving many requests from our customers for a 90° version of our dovetail saw guide, we developed a right-angle saw guide for making finger joints, cutting tenons or on-the-spot trimming of small items
  • Also ideal for beginners or children learning to make perfectly square perpendicular cuts on board ends
  • Manufactured using the same precision-machined aluminum extrusion as our dovetail saw guides, each reference surface has an embedded 3/4" rare-earth magnet and is covered with a low-friction UHMW pad
  • The magnets keep the saw aligned as you cut; the pads allow the saw to slide easily against the reference surface
  • The clamp can accommodate material from 1/4" to 1" thick
  • Made in Canada
  • Our dovetail saw has a 2" × 8 1/2", 22 tpi blade; the dozuki tooth form is effective in both crosscuts and rip cuts
  • Patented