• Can be used as is for scraping flat surfaces with included straight blade
  • Additional blades available for scraping round pieces: three concave shapes in 1/2", 7/8" and 1-1/4" diameters and one convex (1-1/2" radius)
  • Straight blade could also be ground to a specific shape
  • All blades made from 0.060" thick high-carbon steel
  • Machined cast steel body fitted with large rear handle and hardware front knob
  • Product #Description
    05P33.80Veritas® Chairmaker's Scraper
    05P33.81Repl. Straight Blade
    05P33.821/2" Concave Blade
    05P33.837/8" Concave Blade
    05P33.841-1/4" Concave Blade
    05P33.851-1/2" Convex Blade
    05P33.88Set of 4 Optional Blades
    05P33.89Scraper and Set of 4 Blades