• No tools in the shop are more useful and versatile than well-prepared cabinet scrapers – and nobody has spent more time testing alloys, hardnesses, thicknesses, sharpening methods, burnishing angles, etc., than we have
  • Our scraping set includes four different thicknesses of 6" × 2" super-hard scrapers (Rc48-52) that are ground square with sharp edges ready to use for fine work, or ready to be burnished for more serious wood removal
  • Standard scrapers are also included with the scraper holder and variable burnisher
  • A jointer/edger is added to make resharpening easy after scrapers have been dulled
  • You clamp the 8" mill file in the jointer and run it over the scraper edge to get a new square, straight edge
  • You can also use the jointer/edger for squaring ski edges and jointing saws
  • For rolling exactly the sort of hook you want on your scrapers, our molded variable burnisher is included
  • The integral carbide rod is adjustable to any angle from 0° to 15°
  • Our strong, lightweight scraper holder is molded to fit your hands and hold a scraper bowed exactly as you want it
  • Serious scraping can be done with one hand
  • A complete and effective scraping system
  • Components also available separately
  • Made in Canada