• Ductile cast iron body with bubinga handles and brass fittings
    • 10-1/2" long overall
    • 45° bed angle
    • All have 1/8" thick blades made of A2 tool steel
    • Flat and round spokeshave blades are 2-1/8" wide, concave blade is 1-1/2" wide
    • Twin blade-adjust screws
    • Flat and round spokeshaves come with shims to adjust mouth opening
    • Each spokeshave weighs about 12 oz
    • Optional hardware kit available to make customized handles
    • Made in Canada
    • Patented
Shims included to adjust mouth opening.
Product # Description
A.05P33.01 Veritas® Flat Spokeshave, A2
05P32.51 Veritas® Flat Spokeshave, O1
B.05P33.03 Veritas® Round Spokeshave, A2
05P32.53 Veritas® Round Spokeshave, O1
C.05P33.11 Veritas® Concave Spokeshave, A2
05P33.61 Veritas® Concave Spokeshave, O1
05P33.05 Repl. A2 Blade, 2-1/8" wide, Flat & Round Spokeshave
05P32.55 Repl. O1 Blade, 2-1/8" wide, Flat & Round Spokeshave
05P33.12 Repl. A2 Blade, 1-1/2" wide, Concave Spokeshave
05P32.62 Repl. O1 Blade, 1-1/2" wide, Concave Spokeshave
05P33.72 Optional PM-V11® Blade, Flat & Round Spokeshave
05P33.75 Optional PM-V11® Blade, Concave Spokeshave
D.05P33.20 Handle Hardware Kit