• All holes are measured with consistent 32mm spacing and all in reference to panel sides and ends
    • Gauge head has both metric and Imperial graduations (recommend using metric for design and construction stage to reduce rounding errors)
    • Set drilling rails 37mm in from panel edge and clamp into place; system holes (vertical holes for screws, inserts, shelf supports or hinges) and construction holes (horizontal holes bored to accept dowels) can then be drilled
    • Bush carrier straddles rail, with selected size of drill bushing in hole in rail where first hole is to be drilled; holes then drilled as required for design
    • Dowelling jig bases allow for drilling dowel holes in ends of top and bottom panels
    • Two systems are offered – basic jig and deluxe system
    • Basic system includes one rail with fixing screws, two regular-length rods (for work up to 12" wide), two clamp heads and two tails, a bush carrier with 5, 8 and 10mm bushings, a 3/32" hex key and a register pin (see chart below for components that can be added to this system)
    • Deluxe system includes all items in basic system, plus two extra rails, two long rods (for work up to 24" wide), a gauge head, dowelling jig bases, connector rods and plate, and an extra register pin
    • Included detailed instruction booklet is also available separately
    • Made in Canada
    • Patented
Product # Description
05J06.01 Veritas® 32 Basic Cabinetmaking System
05J06.02 Veritas® 32 Deluxe Cabinetmaking System
05J06.00 Instruction Booklet