• For ripping up to 100" long; breaks down for crosscutting up to 52" and for convenient storage
  • Anodized aluminum and solid brass components
  • Dovetailed steel links and brass knobs keep two segments accurately positioned together once tightened
  • Effective for largest common sheet sizes of particle board, MDF and other manufactured sheets up to 49" x 97"
  • 100" guide includes pair of 1" capacity clamps that can be positioned anywhere along its length; 2" clamps available separately for thicker material
  • Rubber expansion washers allow clamps to slide freely or with desired amount of drag
  • Available 12" long traveller hooks within rails on either side of guide; pre-drilled and tapped to accept 1/4-20 screws (included) to hold a 1/4" (or thicker) shop-made baseplate for attaching a power tool
  • Position stops that clamp on either side of guide rail are available
  • Power tools follow intended line and stop at the desired location with the UHMW-coated mating section of traveller positively engaged in guide and position stops locked
  • 52" guide also available; 48" extension available for expansion to 100"
  • Made in Canada
  • Product #Description
    A.05J50.01Veritas® 100" Power Tool Guide
    B. 05J50.03Veritas® 52" Power Tool Guide
    05J50.0448" Tool Guide Extension (for 52" guide)
    C .05J50.092" Clamps, pair
    D. 05J50.0212" Traveller
    E. 05J50.10Postion Stop, each