• Our side-clamping honing guide improves on the established design while maintaining the flexibility of this type of guide
  • Chisels and plane blades ranging from 1/8" (3mm) to 2 1/2" fit securely for accurate honing
  • The unique three-point holding position holds odd shapes such as plow and shoulder plane blades
  • The guide has two different blade positions (upper and lower) that support most types and lengths of chisels and plane blades in a balanced, ergonomic set-up; most woodworkers will find one of these positions best suits their needs and will build a registration jig for that position
  • Its simplicity makes this the go-to guide for rapid and repeatable honing for most woodworkers’ workflow
  • Paired with a shop-built registration jig, it will provide a flexible chisel and plane blade sharpening set-up for most workshops
  • Made in Canada