• Clamps stones up to 12" long and provides base for lapping
    • Twin-clamping system holds coarse and fine stones at same time with quick-acting, fully adjustable cam clamps
    • Ample space for three or more bench stones
    • Clamp hardware is stainless steel, anodized aluminum and glass-reinforced plastic
    • Case made of rigid ABS plastic and has high-friction pads for non-slip use
    • Lapping system is safety-glass plate, sheet of PSA-backed plastic laminate and 90x silicon carbide
    • Lap stone to flatness better than 0.0001" per inch of stone length
    • Coarse and medium stones can be stored in water on ribbed bottom and fine stones clamped on a bar
    • Clamping and lapping system can be used with oil stones
    • Made in Canada
Station includes ABS Tray Tank, stainless bar & clamps to house 2 water stones, lapping safety glass plate & lid.
Product # Description
05M20.06 Veritas® Stone Pond