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The Beall Tool Company (Est 1982)

The Beall Tool product line was developed over a lifetime of diverse woodworking experience. J.R. Beall’s incredible body of work includes furniture, musical instruments, wooden clocks, miniatures, and vessels of all shapes and sizes. There are three hallmarks that define much of his work:

  1. Precision

  2. Finish

  3. Wooden fastenings

J.R. embraces precision in all his woodworking, leveraging his experience with machine tools to design and modify products for woodworkers that bridge the gap between metalwork and traditional wood lathe technology and methods of work. A self-admitted “collet head,” J.R. has promoted the use of internal and external precision collets for accurate and repeatable mounting of workpieces. He has designed and developed practical and affordable high-precision chucks systems for lathe use.

Finishing is a skill that challenges many woodworkers. Beall’s approach to finishing is to refine a surface while preserving its natural color, highlight grain, and provide a durable finish for functional pieces. He has refined a power approach to finishing work of all sizes and shapes, using only three steps: an initial buff using a tripoli compound, a final buff with a white diamond compound, and a final coat of hard carnauba wax. Each stage uses a buff designed for optimal performance of the compound or wax.

Finally, wood threaders and taps have been used for many decades to provide a system for durable and reversible fastening. J.R.’s design of a router-based method of cutting threads is straightforward to set up and use.

The Beall Tool product line offers an entirely new range of capabilities across the spectrum of woodworking.