• Drill-press tables bring improved accuracy, safety and convenience to a range of woodworking tasks
  • We designed ours to be compatible with most major brands of drill presses without modification
  • The table and fence set fits any drill press with a swing of 12" or greater (6" from bit to column) and comes supplied with all mounting hardware needed for installation in either through-slots or blind T-slots
  • Precisely milled from 18mm Baltic birch plywood with a low-friction laminate surface, the sturdy 10 1/2" × 15 1/2" table top provides stable support for your work
  • It has two keyhole slots for mounting the included fence, as well as two standard 3/4" dog holes for clamps, dogs or other accessories.
  • To support through-drilling, an opening in the middle accepts a 4" square sacrificial wooden insert (one supplied; replacements can be easily made from any 6mm or 1/4" wooden sheet material)
  • The 14" machined aluminum fence permits accurate, repeatable stock positioning, and comes with hardware for mounting on the table (or in a pair of standard T-tracks or keyhole slots on other workshop fixtures)
  • It has a pair of laminate-clad sub-fences (each 7 1/2" long) that can be opened to allow off-edge drilling, and a T-slot track on top for mounting jigs and accessories (such as the Veritas 1 1/2" flip stop)
  • Straightforward to mount and use, this is a practical, well-made upgrade to a woodworking drill press
  • Made in Canada