• All-steel construction
    • Secures in any 3/4" diameter hole; self-anchoring and removable
    • Accepts common 1/2-13 threaded bolts; will wedge in through-holes in materials as thin as 5/8" (depending on material strength) or in blind holes 1-1/4" deep
    • With pull-out strength of at least 200 lbf* in hardwood, anchor has a wedging mechanism controlled by an integral hex-head screw drive and an external rubber O-ring that uses friction to hold it in place during installation
    • With 3/8" of internal thread travel, anchor is designed to secure materials of known thickness using a fixed length fastener
    • Made in Canada
    • Patent pending
Veritas Bench Anchor ,for  3/4 inch or 20mm  holes
Product # Description
05G22.05 Veritas® Bench Anchor